Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI (1993 - 2013)
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The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) was more than a museum. It was an archive, museum, library and cultural podium all in one. The NAi held important archives and collections of Dutch architects from after 1800 and made them accessible to the public. The NAI is now part of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Since January 2013 Het Nieuwe Instituut combines all the activities of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Premsela, Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, and Virtual Platform, knowledge institute for e-culture. The institute manages and provides access to cultural heritage, including the State Archive for Architecture, encourages research, promotes national and international exhibitions and a programme of lectures and debates, develops educational packages, and has a transdisciplinary platform function.

On these pages a selection of projects of the NAI have been collected. This selection was based on the most searched projects on the former NAI website. For an overview of all projects please visit the archived NAI website.